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SixSigma HVAC Services

SixSigma HVAC Services is a certified company that provides numerous services for the improvement of equipment and system performance for indoor controlled environments. Services provided include: Full installation, service, repair of HVAC equipment and associated components, comprehensive air and water balancing, commissioning services, consulting, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) system analysis as well set up and repair of highly specialized laboratory Safety Equipment (i.e., Fume Hoods, Bio-Safety Cabinets, Laminar Flow Benches, Powder Weigh Stations and more). These services extend equipment life and conserve energy without sacrificing occupancy comfort, room cleanliness, and process function. This is especially important in the medical, research, pharmaceutical and biotech industries where controlled environments in hospitals, clean rooms and laboratories have critical air balance specifications mandated by regulatory bodies (OSHPD, AALAC, FDA, KEMA, ISO, and OSHA) for the purpose of meeting stringent safety and room classification guidelines.  

We Offer Services Tailored for the Pharma, Biotech, Research and Food Industries

Market Sectors

Control System Verification and Setup. Specialized training for Siemens, Johnson Controls, Trane and other computer controls systems as well as pneumatic controls.

We specialize in laboratory equipment setup and repair – Bio-Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Laminar Air Flow Clean Benches, Powder Weigh Hoods, Bio Safety Labs and Hazardous Occupancy Rooms.

We also specialize in Industrial Kitchen Equipment – Grease Hoods and Make Up Air Systems.